Stealth Light Bearing Holster

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The Anomaly Stealth Light Bearing Holster is made for Inside the Waistband Carry.

Features: Modular Designs to allow a straight up and down ride for appendix carry or a 20 degree forward cant for strongside carry, Additional blocking for a tuckable hooks, Optic Cut and Suppressor Height Sight compatible. 

The Stealth holster does it all while making zero compromises in quality or concealability. 

The optional Wing attachment helps conceal your firearm by giving your belt extra bite and leverage over the holster, Thus bringing your pistol grip closer to the body and minimizing printing. Wings are more popular with Appendix carry or users who prefer to carry in a straight up and down position. 

Your holster comes standard with a FOMI (plastic) belt clip in whichever belt size you choose.
You now have the option to Upgrade your holster with Discreet Gear Clips which are made from Steel Alloy and feature the highest clamping force in the industry.

The DGC Monoblock is low profile over hook and offers a rock solid lockup to your belt.

The DGC Mod 4 is a Tuckable and minimalist clip with adjustable ride height. You can choose to install one or two of these clips on your holster. 1 Mod 4 Clip is useful for sub compact holsters, while two are necessary for larger firearms. 



*The holster will not work without the light attached to your firearm.