Multi-Attachment Holster

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The Anomaly Holster Co Multi-Attachment Holster is designed to be carried on a battle belt or competition belt via the Safariland QLS and G-Code RTI systems OR can be carried on a normal everyday belt with the TRS Belt Slide Mount. 

The Multi-Attachment series Holsters offer a friction based retention system that'll keep your firearm where you want it while running, jumping or climbing. These Holsters offer adjustable retention via the two screws below the trigger guard to assist the user in finding the perfect retention for their mission. 

*When Selecting your belt attachment*

If you already have a belt with a QLS or RTI system you only need to purchase the Male end of the system to interchange holsters as the female end will remain stationary on your belt. 
If you're new to the QLS and RTI System you will need both Male and Female ends along with one of the following. A paddle mount, Belt Mount, Mid Ride Mount, Low Ride Mount or a Drop Leg Mount. 
The TRS Belt Slide is a single piece mold injection plastic that securely holds your holster to a normal 1.5 inch or 1.75 inch belt. This can be used on a normal everyday belt with no additional attachments. 

If you select NONE your holster will NOT ship with a belt attachment but will be pre-drilled for the aforementioned attachment systems.